Over.ai is proud to join vonage in its mission to lead the revolution
from Voice over IP to Voice over AI

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Bringing AI-to the front of your contact center

To deploy conversational AI effectively, Over.ai delivers the three pillar you need in order to activate AI as part of your operation

Operational tools

We understand contact center operational needs, and have the online interfaces to support your operation.

Instant deploying new agents:

Visual drag and drop tools and easily configurable APIs make it easy to deploy new scripts and change existing ones in real time.

Your agents are now supervisors:

Real time hybrid interfaces let your representatives supervise the AI reps, resolve and escalate calls.

Reporting and CRM integration:

All calls are logged, transcribed and recorded. CRM integrations are in place, to remove paperwork time and increasing efficiency.

Dedicated technology

Our technology stack was built from the ground to effectively handle phone conversation

Speech-to-text trained for telephony

Over.ai’s speech-to-text models are uniquely built and trained on top of 8K audio samples, resulting in the market leading performance for business phone interactions.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine built to facilitate the length and complexity that is typical of your b2c voice interactions.

Build connected flows

Utilize native Salesforce connectors, examples, and templates and leverage APIs to easily connect to additional top CRM, ERP, and legacy systems.

Enterprise level service and support

The service, policies and technology to support your enterprise operations

Privacy and security

Business continuity, scalability and data protection are ensured through a redundant network, log encryption and sensitive data redaction.


The industry’s best service level agreement (SLA), consistently delivering 99.99% uptime with guaranteed availability and fast performance.

Professional services

A team of AI designers and customer success professionals available 24/7 for online and phone support.