Conversational AI experiences for business communication

Build AI representatives that engage in natural language, gives every customer the superior treatment they deserve and make customer experience your competitive advantage.

Tools for next generation AI
enhanced contact centers

Your AI representative will instantly engage every caller in natural language, using advanced natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to contextualize and personalize every interaction.

Your customers don't like automated
voice response.Neither do we.

Replace outdated IVRs with Artificial Intelligence Voice Response. Our visual tools and APIs make it easy to deploy new scripts and make changes in real time.

Automated AI processes with
human supervision

Real time hybrid interfaces let your representatives supervise AI reps, resolve and escalate calls.

Conversational AI campaigns for
outbound calls

Easy to use outbound scheduled campaign management tools and outbound APIs to initiate calls from other applications, such as CRM systems.M systems.

What is Voice Over AI?




Short for Voice Over Artificial Intelligence
A set of AI technologies that enables human-computer interactions via the voice over internet protocol (VoIP). VoAI involves a layer of smart artificial intelligence integrated across every digital communication method (voice, text and video).

Speech-to-Text trained for telephony

Speech-to-text models are built and trained on top of 8K audio samples, resulting in the market leading performance for business phone interactions.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Our Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine is uniquely built to facilitate the length and complexity that is typical of your b2c voice interactions.

Connected call flows

Utilize native CRM connectors, examples, templates and leverage APIs to remove paperwork time and increasing efficiency.